JVC Kids World Nursery Iftar Surprise

In the spirit of Ramadan, the toddlers of Kids World Nursery celebrated the first day of Iftar with the blue-collar women of EFS Facilities. Ages four and below, the children made 100 sandwiches, distributed goody bags and shared this blessed evening with over 50 women.  
Recognizing the importance of fostering empathy in children, as well as being inspired by the bravery of the many migrant women that leave their own families to make a living, Kids World Nursery held this iftar in their honor. 

From buttering the bread of the sandwiches and filling goody bags with dates to signing songs to the women, the young ones brought positivity and a refreshing feeling of happiness to all present. 

“As a Montessori nursery, it is our responsibility to not simply teach children, but to encourage them to learn through their own experiences. Hence while we can tell children to be empathetic and caring towards others, we believe they need to experience it to really understand. We knew the event was a success when we saw how genuine the children were in their excitement and how grateful the women were for their presence,” said Lovita Tariq, Director of Kids World Nurseries.

One of the primary pillars of the educational program at Kids World Nursery is based on empathy. As increasingly neuroscientists, psychologists and educators alike are reflecting observations on how bullying and other forms of violence can actually be reduced by encouraging empathy in children in their early years. In fact over the past 10 years, research has also shown that empathy is one of the main keys to all positive social interactions. 
“We look forward to hosting similar events and activities, engaging our children with the communities and individuals around them” added Lovita Tariq. 

About Kids World Nursery
Kids World is a homegrown group of Montessori nurseries in the UAE, providing education since 2004. Currently operating four nurseries in Jumeirah Village Circle, International City, Jumeirah Lake Towers and Al Nahda in Sharjah, Kids World’s vision is to ensure every family in the UAE has access to high quality Montessori education. 
At Kids World we believe that the Montessori principles prepare, guide and engage your child to be an intelligent leader of tomorrow. As it is at those young, malleable years a child experiences the most growth and development.
Kids World mission is to inspire and build a community of lifelong learners to become responsible global citizens with empathy to the world around them.

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