Spotlight on Ladybird Early Learning Centre JVC

 New, state-of-the-art Ladybird pre-school in Dubai’s JVC is on track to be the first LEED 
gold-certified early learning centre in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE: It’s not only a world class early years education that is on the agenda at Ladybird Early Learning Centre. The new pre-school is aiming to lead by example when it comes to environmental awareness as it strives to become the first dedicated, early years setting in the Middle East to be LEED gold-certified for its impressive ‘green’ building initiatives.

Located within Jumeirah Village Circle and set to open in July 2016, the warm and welcoming purpose-built, ground-floor only facility has been thoughtfully designed and constructed with environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint firmly in mind.

Throughout the building process 25 per cent of the nursery’s construction material is recycled, with 25 per cent of the actual construction material itself having been imported within an 800km radius, thereby saving on carbon emissions.

Post-construction, 600 hours of fresh air will be blown in an unoccupied building continuously to ensure IEQ (Indoor Environment Quality) is kept at optimum levels. Flow rates on sanitary ware meet LEED standards, AC will be switched off automatically upon opening windows, AC drain water is recycled and re-used for irrigation and each of the 15 classrooms will incorporate energy-efficient fans and lighting.

“Research is now pointing to long term respiratory illnesses that arise as a result of sick buildings and we want to ensure that our children will be protected from those sort of effects with the creation of Ladybird Early Learning Centre. ” said Monica Valrani, CEO of Ladybird Nursery and Early Learning Centre.
“Our young pupils of today are the planet’s custodians of tomorrow so we owe it to them – as well as to our fragile Earth – to cultivate a lasting legacy of the importance of being environmentally astute, especially in a water-scarce location such as Dubai where the hot climate requires high air conditioning usage,” she adds Valrani.

Upon opening, Ladybird Early Learning Centre will follow the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in a Montessori setting for children aged from six months to five years.

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