EU Residency without property investment in 3 months!

In a nutshell we provide the following:
  1. Company formation in Bulgaria (Ltd. format)
  2. Establish Branch / subsidiary office in Greece
  3. Obtaining personal and professional VAT registry in Greece/Bulgaria
  4. Submit investor file in Greek immigration authorities – apply for VISA D to enter EU at your current place of residency (Greek Embassy)
As a result of the above summarised actions investor is eligible of:
  1. Obtaining Greek Residency valid for 2-3 years (renewable for 5) for him/her and  family and Greek Citizenship upon completing 6 years as resident (new law 11/2015)
  2. Obtaining Bulgarian Residency valid for 3 years (renewable for 5) for him/her and family.
  3. Obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship (ID card) valid for 5 years (renewable) for him/her and family.
  4. Obtaining Bulgarian Passport for him/her and family for life upon completion of 5 years. (option to expedite the process of 5 years available)

Special rates for each file will apply for JVC residents and Friends & Family.

For further info kindly contact:  Mr. Ted Poly @ 0529401010

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