Cake Rocks Bakery - Aurion Residence - Jumeirah Village Circle

A fairy tale told in flavours... 

It's the story of a mystical Gypsy who travelled the world and transformed the rocks into cakes! 

And chose to build her cave in JVC, District 10, Aurion Residence, where you can find magical treats inspired from all around the world. 

The house first specialty are the Rock Cakes, small cakes in the shape of rocks made in different flavours to reflect the country that they represent and named after. 

Beside the rock cakes, Cake Rocks produces an interesting range of products from authentic French brioches, rustic old style bread, cookies, savoury pastries, vintage cakes, homemade jams and spreads as well as drinks. Stay tuned next month for vegan treats!

All made from scratch, with a commitment to vintage baking and artisan bread. 

It's the clean baking that you deserve, free from improvers, artificial flavours and preservatives

Cake Rocks Bakery welcomes you daily from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm

Follow us on Instagram @cakerocksofficial and stay tuned to our latest products and news!

Cake Rocks
Aurion Residence, 
District 10, 
Contact us: 00971585856432

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