Classes, Events And Meetings In JVC - May 2021


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Some classes or events timings may change without notice, please call to confirm*

More details on the listings go to the following: Shine Dance Studio and Crimson Chamber

Musical Instrument lessons are offered by Royalty Fine Arts
Sunday to Friday from 2.00pm to 9.00pm
Saturday from 10.00am to 8.00pm

Classes, Events And Meetings In JVC - April 2021

To get listed email:
Some classes or events timings may change without notice, please call to confirm*

More details on the listings go to the following: Shine Dance Studio and Crimson Chamber

Musical Instrument lessons are offered by Royalty Fine Arts
Sunday to Friday from 2.00pm to 9.00pm
Saturday from 10.00am to 8.00pm

Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge Road Closures - JVC -


The Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge is passing by JVC on Friday 26th March. 

Royalty Fine Arts - Jumeirah Village Circle


Royalty Fine Arts Training Institute is a music school accredited by KHDA with the aim of teaching various musical instruments, dance, and arts.

 Call: +971 4 580 3912
+971 5 221 91351

Office 203b
Prime Business Centre
JVC, Dubai

Classes, Events And Meetings In JVC - March 2021


To get listed email:
Some classes or events timings may change without notice, please call to confirm*

More details on the listings go to the following: Shine Dance Studio and Crimson Chamber

Musical Instrument lessons are offered by Royalty Fine Arts
Sunday to Friday from 2.00pm to 9.00pm
Saturday from 10.00am to 8.00pm

Arcadia's 15% Scholarship Discount.


Job Vacancies in Jumeirah Village Circle - Dubai

Job vacancies in Jumeirah Village Circle and surrounding areas

March 2021 Vacancies JVC - Dubai

Freelance graphic designer needed, who can Read and Write in Arabic!
Main tasks: Creation of marketing materials, flyers, posters, social media posts. The Arabic can be provided, however we need someone who is comfortable checking for accuracy and formatting when applied to design work.
If you are interested, please email rate card / retainer rates to
We are currently using around 10 hours / month

The Branding Room in JVC is hiring: 
DHA & Laser licensed technician, with minimum of 1 year of experience in aesthetic industry.
Can do multitasking laser, facial, and body treatments.
Must have good communication skills and proactive in selling products alongside with treatments to increase sales and client satisfaction.
Send your CV to: or apply directly on our website: 

Five Hotels Vacancies
For current job vacancies go to:

Classes, Events And Meetings In JVC - February 2021


To get listed email:
Some classes or events timings may change without notice, please call to confirm*

More details on the listings go to the following: Shine Dance Studio and Crimson Chamber

JSS International School - JVC, Open for Admissions

#Partner: Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, UAE

Reception: 050 6338123 - 050 6338123 

Admission: 050 6338253 

DKC Veterinary Clinic & Dubai Kennels & Cattery


DKC Veterinary Clinic  
Where are we?:  Motor City, Dubai 
Do we love you?:  Of course not! We hardly know you! Goodness! But come and see us anyway.  ;-)

Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy Practice - Jumeirah Village Circle

Life Coaching, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy Specialists in Jumeirah Village Circle

The challenges, fears, setbacks and difficulties we face in life often leave us with confusion, incomplete goals and unfulfilled desires. Getting caught up in these problems can make us doubt our capability to deal with life. When decisions become ineffective, the results we acquire are sub-par and life becomes somewhat of a struggle. This is when we can help!

Using tailored techniques of life coaching and neurolinguistic programming supported with hypnotherapy, we help you identify your life’s purpose and be inspired enough to believe that every action you take and every decision you make helps you reach your full potential.

Our Master Coach (accredited as Senior Member ACCPH, MCIPD & The Cam Coach UK) is fully equipped to help you overcome success blocker and limiting beliefs for healthier, happier life! We run following transformational programmes: 

1. Virtual Gastric Banding 
A non-invasive, non-surgical technique which simulates the same experience as a surgical gastric banding without pain or side effects associated with surgical procedures, to help you start your weight loss journey in just 4 sessions 

2. Picture Perfect 
Some say being overweight is being overlooked! Drastic steps such as dieting, surgeries, crash gym, boot camps, cardio etc. simply do not work without the right mindset. Picture Perfect - the weight management programme at Ashmir is tailored to alter the way you think about food & health and perceive food hence producing much greater and faster results

3. Let It Go! Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management
Stress is a natural "fight-or-flight" mechanism that can tell us when and how to respond to danger. However, if this mechanism is triggered too easily, or when there are too many stressors at one time, it can undermine our mental and physical health and become harmful. We customise our "Let It Go" programme based on the level of stress you may be facing

4. The Last Cigarette
Our specially designed breakthrough programme help smokers quit smoking in just 3 hours! 
Using a combination of NLP techniques, we create repulsion towards cigarettes and smoke followed by hypnotherapy to eliminate any underlying issues. It is an excellent way to let go off unhealthy habits & addictions and kick start behaviour changes for healthier routine. If you are willing, ready & committed to make the healthier change in life, we can deliver faster results.

5. Be Free! Get Rid of Fears & Phobias
Overcoming a fear of flying takes a lot of courage and practice. Hypnosis therapy and NLP are phenomenal tools for people suffering from fears that limit their ability to function normally on a day to day basis. For a long time, hypnotherapy has been used to improve lives globally, and eliminating fears is just one of the ways in which it changes lives. At Ashmir, we offer a well-designed breakthrough programme aimed at eliminating fears & phobia in just one 3 hours!

Other conditions we can help with: 

Insomnia & lack of peaceful, natural sleep
Emotional crisis
Lack of confidence in public & social settings
Negative feelings 
Exam nerves
Relationship issues with you and people around you
Poor performance in sports or workplace
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Bulimia & related the emotional connections
Black moods & guilt 
Personal loss & grief 

To learn more visit -

If you are looking to clarify your goals and priorities, capitalise on your strengths and optimise your thinking, contact us for a FREE initial phone consultation (20 -25 min)! 

Phone/whatsapp: +971526331973
Enquiry form through the website 

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.

Wonder Pets - Jumeirah Village Circle

At Wonder Pets, there is a caring way everyday. 

We are compassionate animal lovers who take care of your fur-friends in the right way. 

Pamper you beloved pets with our countless products and services and give them the affection they deserve. 

Principal Pioneer Scholarship at Arcadia School, JVT

Principal Pioneer Scholarship at Arcadia School, JVT

Nalini's Kitchen - Jumeirah Village Circle

Healthy Homestyle Food with the choicest of ingredients and no compromise on taste. You will have a variety of options to choose from our multi-cuisine menu. From healthy breakfast to homestyle Indian and Asian Curries, Healthy Baked Goods to satiate those sweet cravings or a simple everyday Thali with a daily rotating menu. Visit our website to see more details and view our menu

Location: Maple-1, Emirates Garden-2 District-14 JVC

Timings: 9am -10pm

Visit us:


Mobile: 0585869398

Noona Beauty Salon - Jumeirah Village Circle

Noona beauty salon in JVC is established by mother and daughter with love and care. We laugh, we play, we have fun together, and now we have our hair and nails done together, all under one roof. 

Russian and Polish speaking personnel is available. 30% discount and cool gifts for all new customers.

Location: JVC, Icon Casa, shop #2. 

Free parking available in front of the salon.

Contact #: 055 323 5723

Opening hours: Every day 10AM - 9PM  


FB page:

Elliah Gents Salon - Jumeirah Village Circle


Elliah Gents Salon in JVC

Address: G24 Tower District 11, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971585944548

Opening Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm

Visit our insta page @elliahgentssalon to find out our special offers and grab your own loyalty card.

Halyoun Meat Shop - Jumeirah Village Circle

Halyoun Meat Shop 

Location: Flamingo Building JVC 

Tel: 0551144165 (WhatsApp also)  and 04572 1000 (Landline) 

Contact: Micheal for enquiries and orders 

Opening Hours 8.00 am to 10.00pm 

We also deliver

Our Story

Let’s Meat here

Today, while we’ve crossed countries from Lebanon to Dubai, Halyoun is a family owned and operated business that traces its roots back to our home country using the best meat, ingredients and iconic flavors that have remained the same for generations.

In fact, over the past 30 years, we’ve been known for our commitment to quality and ethically sourced meats, timeless recipes, and an extensive menu that developed an appetite for a growing number of customers. Who for years, have walked through our doors expecting the same standards and taste they’ve known for decades in Lebanon.

Our talented and hard-working butchers have spent countless hours developing our range, refining their skills on how to cut the perfect steak and enhancing our recipes that make our home-made juicy burgers. Our butchers have perfected the secret recipe for flavoursome sausages and how to make the best marinate from scratch.

We understand the importance of combining old world methods and provenance with modern techniques, after all, to us, butchery is an art form not just a job. We pride ourselves on making sure that our customers old and new love our meat the way we love it, too.

Aiming to retain a strong family influence combined with loyal and dedicated staff, we will make sure that we don’t lose sight of our core values, heritage and our dedication to the highest level of customer service.

Halyoun is the family butchers you can know and trust, directly from our beautifully designed store in JVC or by delivering our finely curated products directly to your door each and every day

800Meat Butchery & BBQ - Jumeirah Village Circle

▫️Authentic Lebanese Taste

▫️Committed to supplying the best quality of fresh cuts, raw meat, Lebanese Mezze as well as BBQ, Oven & Grills.

Location: Jumeirah Village Circle - District 13, Street 22 

Opening hours: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Contact details:

Toll-free 8006328
Tel: 044206449
Whatsapp: 0527775401

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Download our Menu

800MEAT is very proud to be at the forefront of supplying high quality locally raised and Australian FRESH meat.

With our open kitchen style, customers enjoy watching their meat being prepared with our experienced butchers on spot – no frozen products.

Located in JVC, District 13 Street 22, 800MEAT Supplies a huge variety of fresh cuts, Lebanese Mezze and special orders to all customers across Dubai.

Our variety of products range makes us a one-stop-shop for all your needs, we supply all kinds of quality:

★ Beef

★ Lamb

★ Chicken

★ Kibbeh

★ Nayyeh

★ Sandwiches 

★ BBQ & Grills 

★ Manakeesh 

★ Ready Appetizers (Mutabbal, Hummos, Makanik, Soujok, Sambousek, Tabouleh, Fattoush, Salads)

★ Lebanese Mezza 

800MEAT is available for Special Events, not only by delivering quality fresh meat, but also by supplying you with a dedicated person to grill your meat!

Masjid Fatma Al Sayed Muhammed Yousuf Sharaf

Masjid Fatma Al Sayed Muhammed Yousuf Sharaf.
With a section for women

Giovanni completes $50m Milano Luxury Apartment Hotel in JVC

The 14-storey luxury apartment hotel opened its doors on 28 December, 2019, and covers an area of 10,219m2, includes 124 units, a restaurant, pool, sauna, and other facilities 

Classes, Events And Meetings In JVC - January 2021

To get listed email:
Some classes or events timings may change without notice, please call to confirm*

More details on the listings go to the following: Shine Dance Studio and Crimson Chamber

MyPetBuddy - Connecting Pets & Pet Lovers Across The UAE

MyPetBuddy is an online community for pets, pet parents and pet buddies.
Say goodbye to boring ole’ Google searches, and hello to communicating within a community of like-minded pet lovers.

On MyPetBuddy, (MBP) you can share and exchange pet-parent hacks, find playdates or buddies who’ll help take care of your baby while you’re gone. It’s like a fun Facebook portal- but for pets and animal lovers.

It’s a budget-friendly option 
Signing up on the MPB site is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It is more affordable than any other option out there. All you do is get the annual membership plan and the rest is free.
A big plus. On MPB vetline you can get in touch 24/7 with a registered vet nurse who can support, in case of minor medical situations with your cat or dog.

*Disclaimer: MPB Vetline is not a substitute for visiting the vet.

This is a PAWWfect way to spend your weekends or holidays
For all the animal lovers out there. If you feel unfulfilled, lonely or don’t have your pet in Dubai with you, sign up as a part-time pet companion and fill the paw shaped hole in your heart.

The important bits:
Joining is free! Register you and your adorable pet child on the MyPetBuddy website here.
First-time users can even avail a limited offer that gives you 50% OFF your annual membership plan.


Arcadia Preparatory School Open for Admissions - JVT

Colorcode Beauty Salon - Jumeirah Village Circle

We've moved... Just a few metres away to G-02, Mulberry 1, Emirates Garden 2, Jumeirah Village Circle.

Greet every day in style by getting a new look at Colorcode Beauty Salon.

Our menu of services includes manicures, pedicures, rejuvenating hand and foot spa, full body waxing, eyebrow threading, hair treatments and many others that will leave you floating on cloud nine. Besides our services, browse our retail products including a great range L’OREAL hair care products, Essie and others.

Colorcode Beauty Salon staffed by well-trained stylists so you can be sure that your hair is in the right hands

To book an appointment please call: 042766155 - 0555088455
or go to

We are now located at G-02, Mulberry 1, Emirates Garden 2, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.

Opening Hours:
Saturday - Thursday: 10am-9pm
Friday: 2pm-9pm