Repair Plus - Your Green Maintenance Company

We are an award-winning maintenance company in Dubai, winners of the UAE Business Awards in 2018 and 2019

On-Call Services: Let us take care of all your Emergency and Non-Emergency services. Introductory offer - For a limited time, there is no call out fee for JVC Residents.

Our hourly rate is DHS 200. 
What’s more is that we charge by the half hour, after the first hour!

Call us on 80070247 
24 Hours a day

Establishing a well-defined sphere in which different ideas may be freely expressed in the pursuit of a consistent objective is essential to cultivating a harmonious and receptive working environment, one that has enabled Repair Plus to adopt various innovations.

Our philosophy has been GREEN since day one. 

Repair Plus is ranked as the best home maintenance company in the U.A.E. and guarantees quality, efficiency, and professionalism every time.  

We have tried to achieve this by adhering to our three main values:

Efficiency: By acquiring the right technology and tools, and improving procedural methods to cater to our clients’ particular needs.

Quality: By employing highly qualified technicians and training them to attain perfection and customer satisfaction.

Teamwork: by investing in our diverse team and promoting a positive and supportive community.

Repair Plus is more than just a green maintenance company, it is a promise to provide high-quality services that will help make the world better one green step at a time.

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